Crash Course is an online platform developed by e-Yantra, to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for individuals from varying backgrounds. We encourage interested participants to take advantage of the courses.

Our Courses are offered along with a challenge activity to help you hone your acquired skills. This is like a “mini-theme” of our popular e-Yantra Robotics Competition.


  1. Introduce the power of “Project Based Learning”
  2. Promote the study of Embedded Systems and Robotics
  3. Prepare students for National level Robotics Competition
  4. Ensure sustained use of robotics labs set up through eLSI
  5. Nurture projects in Embedded Systems and Robotics in academia/industries

Who can Participate?

  1. Any enthusiastic participant eager to learn the concepts in Embedded Systems and Robotics (admission based on verification of the scanned ID proof)..
  2. Any special pricing (if applicable) will be applicable only upon verification by e-Yantra.
  3. Only an individual participant can register. No team composition is allowed.

How to Apply for the Course?

  1. Enrollment is strictly online - no other mode of application will be entertained.
  2. Click on Register Button available on top right corner of this page
  3. Fill the registration form and submit alongwith scan copy of valid ID card.
  4. On successful registration, the participant will receive an acknowledgement email.
  5. After the verification process, accepted participants will receive a notification for online payment.
  6. On successful payment, the participants will receive login credentials for MOOC portal and he/she will be enrolled for the selected course.

Course Fee

  1. The course fee for each student is Rs. 500/- (50% introductory discount included) - to be paid after the verification process.
  2. The course is offered to 10 students and 4 teachers to a college under e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI). The training fee charged by e-Yantra for eLSI includes the course fee.
  3. The course fees are mandatory to take benefit of the course
  4. Details regarding Online Payment will be soon provided after verification process.
Please note that the registration fee once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances

Criteria for Certification

  1. e-certificate will be provided to the participants after successful completion of the course.
  2. Top performing students are eligible for Merit Certificates.
*Note: e-Yantra holds complete discretion to change/update the rules as necessary.