Crash Course is an online platform developed by e-Yantra, to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for individuals from varying backgrounds. We encourage students in Engineering/ Science/ Polytechnic colleges to take advantage of the courses.

Our 1 Week Course is offered as a sample/introductory experience e-Yantra MOOC platform.


  1. Introduce the power of “Task Based Learning”
  2. Promote the study of Control Systems in Robotics
  3. Prepare students for National level Robotics Competition
  4. Motivate students to take part in other MOOCs offered by e-Yantra Platform

Course Syllabus

  1. Day 0: Setup mini-conda environment.
  2. Day 1: Task 1 Theory (Understanding non-linear dynamical system)
  3. Day 2: Task 1 Practical (Short Python assignment)
  4. Day 3: Task 2 Theory (Mathematical modeling)
  5. Day 4: Task 2 Theory (State Space analysis)
  6. Day 4: Task 2 Theory (Controller Design)
  7. Day 5: Task 2 Practical (Python assignment)

Who can Register?

  1. Any CURRENT student can register for the course
  2. Only an individual learner can register. No team composition is allowed.
Course Type Online Course
Duration 7 Days
Level Beginner Level
Language English
Hardware RequirementsPC/Laptop (Windows or Ubuntu)
Software Requirements Any code editor (recommended VS Code), MiniConda Environment
Resources & Training
  • Completely Online
  • Reading Material & References
  • Discussion Forum
  • Module-wise Feedback
  • Module-wise Quizzes
  • Module-wise Assignments
Pre-requisites Basic understanding of Python programming language

How to Apply for the Course?

  1. Enrollment is completely online.
  2. Click on the Register Button available on the top left corner of the web page.
  3. Registration includes -
    • Basic contact details
    • Registration fee payment
    • The student will receive login credentials for MOOC portal and an invitation for online discourse forum for doubt QnA
    • He/she will be enrolled for the 1 week Control Systems MOOC. Post 1 week evaluations will be closed and QnA access will be revoked

Criteria for Certification

  1. Certificate of Merit - on scoring more than 90% (all tasks combined)*
  2. Certificate of Completion - on scoring a minimum of 70% (all tasks combined)*
  3. Certificate of Participation - on scoring at least 10 marks in each Task
*Note: e-Yantra holds complete discretion to change/update the rules as necessary.