The e-Yantra course for the eLSI (e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative) focuses on the fundamentals of Embedded Systems and Robotics. This course aims to provide participants with a foundation in Embedded Systems and Robotics, enabling them to understand and work with the core concepts and principles. This course is exclusively for faculty and students from eLSI colleges. The modules are covered in a Task-Based Training format over a period of two-weeks complete course.


  1. Introduce the power of “Project Based Learning”
  2. Promote the study of Embedded Systems and Robotics
  3. Prepare students for National level Robotics Competition
  4. Ensure sustained use of robotics labs set up through eLSI
  5. Nurture projects in Embedded Systems and Robotics in academia/industries

Who can Register?

  1. eLSI colleges - students and faculty
  2. Anyone who is an absolute beginner to Embedded Systems
  3. Only an individual learner can register. No team composition is allowed.
  4. Anyone who is enthusiastic and keen to learn the basics of Embedded System and Robotics.
Course Type Online Course
Duration 15 Days
Level Beginner Level
Language English
Hardware RequirementsFirebird V robot and it's accessory kit
Software Requirements Windows: Microchip Studio, SimulIDE
Linux: VS Code, SimulIDE
Resources & Training
  • Completely Online
  • Video lectures, Presentation slides
  • Reading Material & References
  • Discussion Forum
  • Module-wise Feedback
  • Module-wise Quizzes
  • Module-wise Assignments
Pre-requisites Basic understanding of C programming language, Familiarity with sensors and actuators, Basic knowledge of electronics.

Course Overview

How to Apply for the Course?

  1. Enrollment is completely online.
  2. Click on the Register Button available on the top left corner of the web page.
  3. Registration includes -
    • Basic contact details
    • Registration fee payment
    • After successful registration, participants receive an acknowledgment email with login credentials for the MOOC.

Criteria for Certification

  1. Certificate of Merit - on scoring more than 90% (all tasks combined)*
  2. Certificate of Completion - on scoring a minimum of 70% (all tasks combined)*
  3. Certificate of Participation - on scoring at least 10 marks in each Task
*Note: e-Yantra holds complete discretion to change/update the rules as necessary.